OpeReady – A Quick Overview

OpeReady is an operational readiness management system that allows managers to track their employees’ training and testing performance and readiness.

OpeReady is a completely customizable system that can be configured in a way that meets your organisation’s exact training and testing requirements.

The system is therefore able to match your expectations and notify you each time an employee does not reach the required levels of performance and readiness.

Have your employees taken the required amount of training to be compliant with local regulations?

This is a question that must be asked every week. Especially in industries that are heavily regulated like Airports and Cargo/Mail Forwarders.

It is also a question that is not always obvious, especially when the employee has a number of training courses to attend and certifications to achieve.

You’ll often have to look through a number of files or even hire a data analyst to make sense of all the numbers.

As all your employees’ key information is stored on OpeReady, it is able to tell you, at the touch of a button, whether or not an employee or department within your organization has achieved all the training and certification required to work within their job role.

OpeReady will also provide reasoning for anyone that has not met the required level of training and certification. This ensures managers are able to quickly schedule any training that may be required.

How well are your employees performing in training and on the job?

While ensuring your employees are meeting the expected readiness levels, it is also important to get an understanding as to whether they are performing at an above average standard.

OpeReady delivers an extremely useful Employee Performance Monitoring Tool that provides a number of graphs and tables that can be configured based on the criteria you want them to be.

So it is possible to see the average score from one date to another on a specific module within a training course or find out the average readiness level of a specific employee over time. The later is obviously extremely useful in identifying those that are always behind in their certification and training and should be looked into in more detail.

OpeReady is also able to syncronise with any of the technology you use to test or train your employees. For example, we have developed OpeReady to be syncronised with London City Airport’s S.E.M.S. and T.I.P. systems.

This ensures City Airport is able to view the throughput speed and detection skills of each of their x-ray screeners over time as they work within the security operation.

For more information about OpeReady, our employee readiness management software, please visit our dedicated website.

If you would like to attend a demo of OpeReady, please feel free to email us at info@renful.co.uk or call on +44 (0) 208 457 9111.


About Renful Premier Technologies
Renful Premier Technologies is a knowledge based company that specialises in the provision of security training software, security x-ray simulators, employee management software and security consultancy. The company was founded in 1994 by security professionals with the aim of improving the level of training and testing provided to security personnel throughout the world. Since then, we have continuously worked hard to be at the cutting edge of security training technology. By taking on board our customer's feedback, analysing the potential threats from terrorist and criminal groups, and using our understanding of the security industry, we have been able to develop new training products that have greatly improved the level of training provided to security personnel. We now offer: Simfox - Security X-Ray Simulation Software Trefox – Security Xray Theory CBT Pre-M – Employee Testing and Selection Software OpeReady – Operational Readiness Management System (ORMS) Inert, Simulant Explosives, Drugs and Weapons Kits Replica IEDs for Covert Testing & Training Security Seminars & Consultancy AvsecSchool – Online Security CBT Infogence – Monthly Terrorism Intelligence Reports Renful currently operates in over 40 countries providing products and services to airports, cargo / mail, prisons, police, secure hospitals, government buildings and other secure establishments. For more information about any of our products, please take a look at our blog here, visit our website http://www.renful.co.uk, email us on info@renful.co.uk or call us on 44 (0) 208 457 9111

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