Advanced Security X-ray CBT

This article aims to highlight the difficulties faced by x-ray screeners in detecting threat items and the importance of investing in quality threat detection CBT to provide the best possible xray simulation training possible.

The Human Factor

Ever since the attack on Pan –Am flight 103 over Lockerbie in 1988, X-ray machines have become a main stay of security checkpoints throughout the world. Although they may look very sophisticated, they are essentially just imaging systems, and cannot be relied on to automatically identify weapons and explosives effectively.

Security X-ray machines therefore  rely heavily on their operators correctly analysing each image that comes through, a task which is made all the more difficult by the fact that they have, in a busy environment like an airport, only a few seconds to carry out their search.

If we compare the tasks required from an x-ray screener in finding a threat to that of a radiologist finding a disease we can clearly understand the difficulties of the job.  For example, a hospital radiologist will examine each medical x-ray image for several minutes and often consult with colleagues before making a diagnosis. Also, a medical x-ray image is viewed in a quiet and darkened room, with no distractions.

On the other hand security x-ray personnel have only about 6 seconds to inspect each bag image.  Within this very short time period the x-ray screener must intensively scan for prohibited articles and make a decision about each luggage item.  X-ray images in airports are also viewed in bright light with noise and a multitude of other potential distractions. The sheer number of bags that have to be screened and the cluttered patterns on each bag image makes it very challenging to identify dangerous items, especially as many objects look different under x-ray to how they appear in reality.

Now imagine you switch those working environments around; the radiologist would make mistakes, patients would be angry and changes would be made to the procedures immediately.

So why is it we accept the difficulties faced by x-ray screeners? After all, they are both searching for a potentially deadly threat, one to an airport and its passengers, the other to an individual’s well being.

The fact is that every bag cannot be checked thoroughly for much longer than 6 seconds in busy environments. Stopping each and every bag on the conveyor belt for longer would drive check in times earlier and earlier and create longer queues which in themselves would provide an attractive target to a terrorist.

The solution therefore is to train security x-ray screeners to a level that befits the critical job that they carry out.  Just as hospitals invest in the education of radiologists, security organisations need to invest in the training of security x-ray personnel. Perhaps not to the same level as radiologists, who after all require a university education, but at least using the best possible tools at our disposal within an effective and well thought out training schedule.

Simfox – Advanced Security X-Ray CBT

Security X-ray is an extremely specialised subject and requires advanced software that can deliver training that covers all the capabilities required to become an effective screener. For this reason Renful Premier Technologies developed, in 1989, the first ever security x-ray CBT; Simfox. Over the years Simfox has been continually developed, becoming the standard bearer for all other security x-ray CBTs on the market.

Simfox delivers the most accurate computer simulation of an x-ray machine allowing security trainees to use the same image enhancements, zoom functions and control features of the original machine. In fact, Renful’s newest development, Simfox Net, offers an on screen replica of the dashboard of the x-ray machine, so screeners can get themselves quickly acquainted to the x-ray machine’s various functions.

Simfox is currently compatible with all major manufacturers of x-ray machine and, unlike many other security x-ray CBT, offers simulators unique to each. This lack of discrepancies between simulation and reality allows for a seamless move from classroom to on the job training.

Simfox is extremely easy to implement into security training procedures and can be used in all types of applications including Airports, Cargo, Mail, Parliament Buildings, Prisons, Secure Hospitals and other high security establishments. It can be delivered through a number of flexible license options and is available through LAN, WAN and internet connections enabling organisations to provide training both within classrooms and remotely.

Security X-ray training

As most newly appointed x-ray screeners will come to the job having never seen the images that a security x-ray machine produces, Simfox offers a range of readymade, fully editable, x-ray image interpretation courses. These courses consist of items being put through the simulator at different angles enabling trainees to get a better idea of their shape, colour and density under x-ray. The courses include all types of threat items as well as innocent items, especially those that can be easily used to conceal weapons and explosive devices.

Once the x ray image interpretation courses have been completed, the next step is to introduce these items into a bag or container. Unlike many other xray CBTS, Simfox, as well as offering pre-packed bags, allows trainers to build their own bags from scratch using the thousands of individual items within the database. This feature is immensely useful as it allows security x-ray trainers to create an almost infinite number of bags that provide the kind of customised training that is so essential to their students.

The easy customisation of bags means trainers can adapt the training they give to the level of competency of their trainee. At first they may place the threat items within bags so that they are easily identifiable. As training evolves, the trainer can up the difficulty by concealing the threat behind other objects within the bag. In essence, the trainer becomes the terrorist creating the type of intelligent training content that is needed to combat the threat of modern terrorism.

Statistical Reporting

In order to map the progress of each student, Simfox has an integrated statistical module that records each and every student’s test results. As well as providing a useful tool for developing reports for management, it offers a range of valuable training functions. For example, Simfox provides an analysis of each student’s detection rate for each category of threat. Training can then be adapted to suit the needs of the student; increasing the level of training on a certain threat. All in all it allows the trainers to identify weaknesses in their screeners and provide the type of relevant and continuous training that is required.


The task given to x-ray screeners is extremely difficult. In order to give them the best possible chance to detect threats, they must be given the best possible training available. This can be achieved through the use of high-tech x-ray threat detection CBTs like Simfox that provides a multilevel approach to training enabling x-ray screeners the opportunity to develop the capabilities required to become effective at their job.

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About Renful Premier Technologies
Renful Premier Technologies is a knowledge based company that specialises in the provision of security training software, security x-ray simulators, employee management software and security consultancy. The company was founded in 1994 by security professionals with the aim of improving the level of training and testing provided to security personnel throughout the world. Since then, we have continuously worked hard to be at the cutting edge of security training technology. By taking on board our customer's feedback, analysing the potential threats from terrorist and criminal groups, and using our understanding of the security industry, we have been able to develop new training products that have greatly improved the level of training provided to security personnel. We now offer: Simfox - Security X-Ray Simulation Software Trefox – Security Xray Theory CBT Pre-M – Employee Testing and Selection Software OpeReady – Operational Readiness Management System (ORMS) Inert, Simulant Explosives, Drugs and Weapons Kits Replica IEDs for Covert Testing & Training Security Seminars & Consultancy AvsecSchool – Online Security CBT Infogence – Monthly Terrorism Intelligence Reports Renful currently operates in over 40 countries providing products and services to airports, cargo / mail, prisons, police, secure hospitals, government buildings and other secure establishments. For more information about any of our products, please take a look at our blog here, visit our website, email us on or call us on 44 (0) 208 457 9111

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  2. ibrahim says:

    abudhabi customs general admin. is sseking xr cbt systems combatible to its fixedmachines at its air,sea ports and land borders.

  3. Mahesh K says:

    I am interested in buying the CBTs to prepare for my Transportation Security Officer employment test. I want a CBT so that I can review it again a few days before the interview. Am interested in Pre_M, Trefox, Simfox training CBTs.

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