About Us

Renful Premier Technologies was founded in 1994 following growing demands in the security sector for specialised security training. Dedicated to providing a unique and innovative approach to security training, Renful was established by security professionals who previously dealt with the training and testing of screeners in airports and other airline security operations.

An understanding that the human factor is the weakest link in the security chain, Renful have concentrated their efforts on providing effective training solutions for both key and non-key security staff.

Since its inception Renful has established itself as a market leader in the provision of security Consultancy, Procedures, Training Seminars, Computer Based Training Systems and Equipment to Governments, Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports, Airlines, Security Companies, Business Corporations, Immigration & Police Authorities, Prisons and Parliaments.

Renful Timeline:

  • In 2009, Infogence was added to Renful’s products suite in order to provide security staff with the latest terrorist intelligence. Renful’s security courses also gained accreditation from Middlesex University allowing them to offer a Foundation Degree in Aviation Security.

Renful’s Vision

Renful is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the skill of security personnel by delivering the highest quality training and assessment with the use of complimentary products and services.

Renful’s Objectives

Renful aim to:

  • Improve security through better integration of human factor-based technologies and procedureDevelop state of the art training, testing and evaluation products and procedures in the area of security.
  • Develop and improve performance measures in the area of security.
  • Provide selection, training, implementation and security design to customers.
  • Liaise with and support security technology providers in the promotion and development of security products.

Renful’s Involvement in Aviation Sector

Renful has a long and successful history of involvement in the aviation industry:

  • The first X-ray simulator was developed by Renful’s founders in 1989 and subsequently served all employees of TWA in Europe. Since then it has served varying organisations in over 40 countries in the world.
  • From 1994 to 2005 Renful operated as a service provider for all German airports developing an application of profiling techniques suitable for the identification of illegal immigrants amongst others
  • Renful also screened flights to Canada for air Canada, Air Transat, Air 2000 and Luthtansa.
  • Renful has conducted consultancy projects for the establishment, review and optimisation of screening operations in over 50 countries around the world.
  • Establishing training departments for a major US Carrier in 22 European Airports.
  • Carried out audits, establishing security procedures, training and supervision of security personnel for a domestic carrier in India.
  • Carried out extensive aviation security consultancy and training for pilots, flight crew and ground staff, on behalf of a Spanish airline.
  • Established security procedures,   training   and supervision   of security personnel for an airport in South America.
  • Established security procedures, training of personnel and security audits at an airport in a former USSR country.
  • Qualified ground handling companies in the provision of aviation security services in  numerous  countries,  including  China,  South Africa, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Gambia, Colombia, Russia, Germany, Greece, Spain and Belgium.
  • Provided of security training to government, police and immigration authorities in Norway, Spain, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Namibia, Barbados, China, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Hong Kong,  Estonia,  Croatia,  Sweden,   Finland,  Hong  Kong,  India, Georgia, Kenya,  Latvia, Lesotho, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mozambique,  Nigeria, Russia,  Latvia,  Saudi  Arabia,  Lithuania, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UK, USA and many others.
  • Provided security training to airlines in India, Spain, Sweden, Denmark,  Slovenia,  Russia,  UK,  USA,  Latvia,  Canada,  Gabon, Moldova, Armenia, India, Namibia, South Africa, Ukraine, Netherlands, Angola, Austria,  Azerbaijan, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Finland, Gambia, Ghana, Turkey, Thailand,   Iceland,  Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and many others.
  • Developed and installed of X-ray Selection Training & Testing systems in various high security installations internationally. Customers include houses of Parliament, customs authorities, secure buildings, armed forces, and police authorities.

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