The SSTC Concept

Over the past few years, the increasing threat of terrorism has forced Governing bodies around the world to set up stringent regulations on the way security personnel should be trained and tested.

These new regulations have meant many organisations no longer have the capabilities to provide in house training to their employees and require specialist help from security training companies.

While many security trainers have sufficient security  knowledge to provide the training, many lack the technologies and marketing prowess required to take advantage of these extra requirements.

The SSTC franchise has been developed by Renful Premier Technologies in order to develop a worldwide framework for superior security training.

It is designed to enable security trainers to take advantage of the expertise, know-how and technology Renful has developed since its inception in 1994 so that they can provide a multi level security training service to their clients and increase their business opportunities.

Following the Renful Concept

All SSTC’s are able to follow Renful’s concept of providing training, testing and certification products and services that meet the needs of security screeners throughout their job cycle.

The concept is built on the belief that screener’s require a high level of initial training and testing before they are ready for their job.

For example, Pre-M enables security managers to analyse whether a candidate has the correct aptitudes to become a successful security screener while the use of our security X-ray simulator; Simfox together with our range of Simulants enable new personnel to familiarise themselves with the look, texture, functionality and x-ray signature of explosives.

At Renful, we also believe that security training should be pro-active rather than re-active and have therefore developed products and services that enable security personnel to get regular training on current and emerging threats.

For example, our Infogence publication provides monthly reports on emerging terrorism trends that can be used to update security personnel and build replica IEDs for Red Team Testing that are relevant to the current threat.  These threats are also placed into Simfox; which should be used on a monthly basis to improve the detection skills of x-ray screeners.

As well as providing services that meet every training and testing requirement of an x-ray screener, Renful provide a range of security courses, accredited in partnership with Middlesex University.

The courses last 3 days; are taught by experts and cover subjects such as Profiling, Document Verification, Terrorism Awareness, and more. Participants are then able to continue their studies via e-learning before enrolling at Middlesex University where they can earn academic qualifications designed to improve their earning potential and job prospects.

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OpeReady – A Quick Overview

OpeReady is an operational readiness management system that allows managers to track their employees’ training and testing performance and readiness.

OpeReady is a completely customizable system that can be configured in a way that meets your organisation’s exact training and testing requirements.

The system is therefore able to match your expectations and notify you each time an employee does not reach the required levels of performance and readiness.

Have your employees taken the required amount of training to be compliant with local regulations?

This is a question that must be asked every week. Especially in industries that are heavily regulated like Airports and Cargo/Mail Forwarders.

It is also a question that is not always obvious, especially when the employee has a number of training courses to attend and certifications to achieve.

You’ll often have to look through a number of files or even hire a data analyst to make sense of all the numbers.

As all your employees’ key information is stored on OpeReady, it is able to tell you, at the touch of a button, whether or not an employee or department within your organization has achieved all the training and certification required to work within their job role.

OpeReady will also provide reasoning for anyone that has not met the required level of training and certification. This ensures managers are able to quickly schedule any training that may be required.

How well are your employees performing in training and on the job?

While ensuring your employees are meeting the expected readiness levels, it is also important to get an understanding as to whether they are performing at an above average standard.

OpeReady delivers an extremely useful Employee Performance Monitoring Tool that provides a number of graphs and tables that can be configured based on the criteria you want them to be.

So it is possible to see the average score from one date to another on a specific module within a training course or find out the average readiness level of a specific employee over time. The later is obviously extremely useful in identifying those that are always behind in their certification and training and should be looked into in more detail.

OpeReady is also able to syncronise with any of the technology you use to test or train your employees. For example, we have developed OpeReady to be syncronised with London City Airport’s S.E.M.S. and T.I.P. systems.

This ensures City Airport is able to view the throughput speed and detection skills of each of their x-ray screeners over time as they work within the security operation.

For more information about OpeReady, our employee readiness management software, please visit our dedicated website.

If you would like to attend a demo of OpeReady, please feel free to email us at or call on +44 (0) 208 457 9111.

Simfox Features – Quick Overview

Simfox X-Ray Simulation Software offers a number of features that enable instructors to provide challenging and realistic x-ray machine simulation training and testing to their x-ray screeners.

Huge Image Database

Simfox offers image databases for Rapiscan, Heimann, L3 and Gilardoni x-ray machines.

The system includes over 3000 item images of which 1000 are of Firearms, IEDs, Explosives and Knives.

The added ability to configure which items are threats, and which are not, ensures users are able to use a train their students to the exact regulations they will encounter on the job.

Simfox is also available with 2000 full bag images already configured into well structured training and testing session plans.

A large database of items helps security screeners get experience of a wide variety of both threats and everyday items.

Add to the Database

Simfox offers users the ability to create an almost unlimited number of bags ready to be taken as part of x-ray simulation training and testing.

Through the Bag Creator, users can build a bag from scratch, taking items from the database and virtually packing them into the system’s database of empty bags.

All created bags are permanently saved on the Simfox database and can be edited to create a completely new bag.

Simfox also offers an IED Creator that allows users to create IEDs and conceal them within other innocent objects thus ensuring screeners are getting a continuous stream of new threats to analyse and detect.

The ability to build new bags and IEDs ensures x-ray screeners are not being trained over and over on the same bags and threats and are getting the customised training they require

Customise Session Scoring

Simfox delivers a complex yet easy to use scoring system that can be adjusted if required to suit the skill level and experience of the x-ray operator.

The highly sophisticated scoring system is layered to avoid irregularities and provides scoring for all of the following factors and more:

  • Correct identification of each and every threat or search area in the bag.
  • Correct location of the position of each and every threat or search area in the bag.
  • Correct naming of each and every threat in the bag or reason for search.
  • Time taken for threat identification.

 A flexible scoring system ensures trainers can test screeners on the capabilities required at each stage of screener training.

The Simulator

Simfox offers single and dual view x-ray simulators that provide image enhancements and zoom functions through an on screen replica of the xray machine’s control panel.

The security x-ray simulators provide large, high quality images that create an unparallel level of realism for screeners taking their training or testing.

The realism provided by Simfox’ simulator ensures there is no knowledge gap when screeners move from the training room to the operation.

Review X-Ray Simulator Sessions

After each x-ray simulator session, the screener is able to review each and every bag they have just seen as well as any scoring penalties they have incurred. They are also able to isolate specific items within bags, view their x-ray image and photograph.

The ability to review a session ensures screeners can learn from their mistakes and get a better understanding of what is expected of them.

Analyse Screener Performance

Simfox Net contains a detailed statistical module which analyses the performance of both individuals and groups on a number of criteria including:

  • Threat Recognition
  • Speed of Detection
  • Detection Ability

Trainers can use the statistics to design specific training sessions on the x-ray simulator that will enable them to provide their x-ray operators with the correct level of training.

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Security Seminar – Cancun, Mexico

In August 2012, Renful will be holding a seminar in Cancun, Mexico that consists of 3 separate modules that can be taken together or individually:

‣      Airport Risk Assessment and Operational Design.

‣      Passenger Profiling using Behavioural Patterns Analysis.

‣      Training Management and Readiness of Screeners.

Airport Risk Assessment and Operational Design

Module 1 – (August 20th 2012)

It is commonly known that the design and implementation of an Airport security operation affects the probability of threat detection and passenger throughput.

Participants will be taken on a visit to Cancun Airport during which they will be introduced to a number of training and operational design ideas as well as the use and implementation of various security technologies including CT scanners, single and multi view x-ray systems and trace detection technologies.

Passenger Profiling using Behavioural Patterns Analysis

Module 2 – (August 21st–  22nd 2012)

Profiling ensures more time can be devoted to detecting threats as security personnel are able to target suspicious passengers based on their behavioural patterns and target them for additional searches and questioning.

This module teaches the unique skills required to implement a Profiling System within all high security organisations in order to help reduce delays and increase passenger throughput, whilst actually enhancing security.

Training Management and Readiness of Screeners

Module 3 – (August 23rd – 24th 2012) 

A security system is only as strong as its weakest link. If one component within it is not ready to meet the threat, the whole operation is at risk.

Security managers must, therefore, be able to identify weaknesses within their security system and be able to correct them immediately.

This module focuses on the tools required to manage employee qualification, training, re-training and certification requirements and provide suggestions for monitoring the readiness of single employees, units, departments and equipment within an organization ensuring that compliance and performance standards are being maintained.

Seminar Prices

Participants can select which of the three modules they wish to attend:

‣       Module 1: $390.00

‣       Module 2: $590.00

‣       Module 3: $590.00

‣       Discounted Full Seminar Price: $1,250.00

Fees include lunch and light refreshments daily, airport visit (module 1) and course material. There is a 10% Early-bird discount for payments received on or before 1st of July 2012

For more information about this seminar please contact us on +44 208 457 9111 or

Training, Monitoring & Management of Security Screeners

11th, 12th and 13th June, London 

In June 2012, Renful will be holding a seminar in London dealing specifically with the Training, Monitoring & Management of Security Screeners. The seminar lasts 3 days, features informative lectures, multimedia presentation, discussions and expert analysis from our security experts.

Renful is dedicating this seminar to the promotion of creative thinking in the areas of Security X-ray Simulation Training and Testing, Effective Screening Operation Design and the Management and Monitoring of Operational Readiness.

Effective Screening Operations & X-ray Simulation Training and Testing

It is commonly known that probability of threat detection relates directly to the level of training and testing of the X-ray operator, and to the design and implementation of procedures in the operational environment.

Our key note speaker on this subject will be Moshe Cohen, former Director of Training and Commercial Development at TWA, who will introduce a number of training and operational design ideas and technologies that ensure your screening personnel are of the highest possible quality.

Management and Monitoring of Operational Readiness

A security system is only as strong as its weakest link. If one component within it is not ready to meet the threat, the whole operation is at risk.

Security managers must, therefore, be able to identify weaknesses within their security system and be able to correct them immediately.

Benny Landshut, founder and manager of the security training and procedures department at Ben Gurion Airport, will discuss the management of employee qualification, training, re-training and certification requirements and provide suggestions for monitoring the readiness of single employees, units, departments and equipment within an organization ensuring that compliance and performance standards are being maintained.

Security Training Essentials: Operational Readiness Management Systems


X-ray simulation training and testing, T.I.P., S.E.M.S, and quality control measures like covert testing are used to monitor the performance of screeners throughout their careers.

This creates an information overload that can be extremely difficult to digest and keep up to date.

OpeReady is an Operational Readiness Management System that is used to monitor and control in real-time the operational readiness level and performance of departments, individual employees and equipment within security operations.

  • Employees’ T.I.P., S.E.M.S. and Simfox Net data can be fed automatically into OpeReady providing real time updates on their readiness and performance levels.

OpeReady Features

OpeReady frees you from the daily grind of administration and allows you to focus on managing your security operation.

Keeping an accurate and up to date record of all your employees’ details is extremely important in maintaining a high operational level. OpeReady centralises your employee records within one easy to use window, so it is quick to locate, update and view key employee details.

With OpeReady, you can create customised administrative and Readiness Tasks and assign them to specific employees, job roles, units and locations within the organisational structure.

OpeReady’s pro-active warning system actually tells you about problems before they arise.  Combine this with an easy to use query tool and learn about what really is happening in your operation.

Analysing the performance of your employees couldn’t be simpler with OpeReady. It provides graphs and reports that are easy to analyse and understand and can point you immediately to any weakness in the performance of your security operation.

Many organisations rely on the use of equipment as part of their day to day operation and must therefore ensure they meet certain specific regulatory requirements. For this reason, OpeReady has been developed with the capability to monitor the readiness levels of equipment.

OpeReady’s comprehensive reporting system enables managers and supervisors to create, save, export, print and email customised reports detailing any of their employees’ details, performance and readiness over a specified period of time.

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Security Training Essentials: The Simulated Drug Identification Kit

Simulated Drugs Identification Training Kit

The Simulant Drugs Identification Training Kit consists of 35 individual simulant drug samples; each packed into small colour coded plastic boxes showing their background information.

The training kit also includes four boards showing the paraphernalia associated with taking Cocaine, Methyl Amphetamines, Heroin and Cannabis.

The drug simulant kit also includes a colour identification chart and usb key that can be used as part of training, or hung up in break room or common area so employees never stop learning.

This drug training aid provides its users with an extremely useful training tool as its contents replicate real drugs to an unparalleled level.

The simulated drugs are visually and texturally correct making them perfect for use in drug awareness training for newly trained police officers, school children, customs officers, prison guards and airport screeners.

Paraphernalia Boards

Cocaine Paraphernalia Board

  • Lines of Cocaine on a mirror with razor blades
  • Bag of Simulated Cocaine
  • Bank note & spoon for snorting
  • Simulated Crack cocaine in a “stash container”
  • Crack pipe
  • Matches

Methyl amphetamine Paraphernalia Board

  • Powder sample in wrap & bag
  • Crystal sample in cling film
  • Vial of water/lemon juice to dissolve powder
  • Hypodermic syringe
  • Spoon for heating
  • Glass pipe for smoking
  • Bottle top with foil for smoking

Cannabis Smoking Paraphernalia Board

  • Papers with lid torn for roach / filter
  • Smoked “joint” with roach / filter & smoked “joint” with pin
  • Long “joint”
  • Standard length “joint” without roach / filter
  • Long rolling papers
  • Samples of Hash, Herbal & Oil Marijuana
  • Stash device for concealment
  • Standard length rolling papers

Heroin Paraphernalia Board

  • Wrap of heroin
  • Open wrap of heroin
  • Hypodermic syringe
  • Tourniquet for injecting
  • Spoon for heating heroin with filter
  • Vial of water to dissolve powder
  • Homemade pipe for smoking

Individual Simulated Drug Samples

Simulated Opiates

  • Opium
  • Diamorphine
  • Opiate Analgesics
  • Heroin

Simulated Depressants

  • Marijuana / Skunk
  • Cannabis Oil
  • Hasheesh
  • Benzodiazepines – Temazepam
  • Benzodiazepines – Rohypnol
  • Barbiturates
  • Methadone

Simulated Hallucinogens

  • LSD
  • DOB
  • DMT
  • Magic Mushrooms
  • Ketamine
  • Stimulants
  • Ritalin
  • Cocaine
  • Crack Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • PMA
  • Amphetamines

Simulated Stimulants

  • Ritalin
  • Cocaine
  • Crack cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • PMA
  • Amphetamines
  • Methamphetamines
  • Khat

Further Simulated Samples

  • GHB Liquid Ecstasy
  • Amyl Nitrate
  • Buzz Liquid Legal High
  • Steroids in pill & injectable form

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