The SSTC Concept

Over the past few years, the increasing threat of terrorism has forced Governing bodies around the world to set up stringent regulations on the way security personnel should be trained and tested.

These new regulations have meant many organisations no longer have the capabilities to provide in house training to their employees and require specialist help from security training companies.

While many security trainers have sufficient security  knowledge to provide the training, many lack the technologies and marketing prowess required to take advantage of these extra requirements.

The SSTC franchise has been developed by Renful Premier Technologies in order to develop a worldwide framework for superior security training.

It is designed to enable security trainers to take advantage of the expertise, know-how and technology Renful has developed since its inception in 1994 so that they can provide a multi level security training service to their clients and increase their business opportunities.

Following the Renful Concept

All SSTC’s are able to follow Renful’s concept of providing training, testing and certification products and services that meet the needs of security screeners throughout their job cycle.

The concept is built on the belief that screener’s require a high level of initial training and testing before they are ready for their job.

For example, Pre-M enables security managers to analyse whether a candidate has the correct aptitudes to become a successful security screener while the use of our security X-ray simulator; Simfox together with our range of Simulants enable new personnel to familiarise themselves with the look, texture, functionality and x-ray signature of explosives.

At Renful, we also believe that security training should be pro-active rather than re-active and have therefore developed products and services that enable security personnel to get regular training on current and emerging threats.

For example, our Infogence publication provides monthly reports on emerging terrorism trends that can be used to update security personnel and build replica IEDs for Red Team Testing that are relevant to the current threat.  These threats are also placed into Simfox; which should be used on a monthly basis to improve the detection skills of x-ray screeners.

As well as providing services that meet every training and testing requirement of an x-ray screener, Renful provide a range of security courses, accredited in partnership with Middlesex University.

The courses last 3 days; are taught by experts and cover subjects such as Profiling, Document Verification, Terrorism Awareness, and more. Participants are then able to continue their studies via e-learning before enrolling at Middlesex University where they can earn academic qualifications designed to improve their earning potential and job prospects.

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Pre-M presented at International Test Comission Conference

This year marked Renful’s first participation at the International Test Commission conference in Amsterdam.

The conference featured a number of interesting presentations from top psychologists on Modern Advances in Assessment including Testing and Digital Technology and recent Developments in Theory of Testing.

Our resident Psychologist, Yehuda Esformes, provided a very well received lecture about his work on Pre-M; Renful’s Pre-employment testing software for security screeners.

The presentation provided a demonstration and explanation of the simulation tests available on Pre-M and the advantages over conventional testing it provides to managers when recruiting security personnel.

Here’s the abstract from Yehuda’s lecture:

Simulation tests for Aviation Security Staff: Incremental validity over conventional psychometric tests.

Simulation tests, like other similar assessment methods, are deemed to have a higher face validity and greater fairness than conventional tests. They are also considered to be more reliable and more valid. Given the continuing threat to civil aviation, and with the aim of improving the selection of aviation security personnel, we developed a computer based test battery tailored specifically for selecting X=ray baggage screeners (BAT-XR).

The battery includes both conventional visual perception tests  (colour perception, mental rotation, visual closure and sustained focused attention), and simulation tests (basic image interpretation, object recognition-superimposition, attention to anomalies).

All tests were designed on the basis of job task analysis. The objective of our study was to determine whether the simulation tests offer additional advantages over conventional tests in terms of incremental validity.

The BAT-XR and a set of four cognitive tests commonly used in Israel for primary selection were administered to 206 candidates for the position of X-ray baggage screener. The criterion was the participant’s ability to quickly detect threat articles in X-ray images of bags.

A series of hierarchical regression analyses revealed that after controlling for age and gender, the simulation tests were significantly more powerful predictors than conventional tests.

And finally…

Our minds thoroughly prodded and probed by a number of the world’s top psychologists, we’ll need to rest our brains for a few days.

Fortunately, we’ve come back brimming with a number of new and exciting ideas and technologies that you can expect to be implemented into Pre-M, Simfox and a number of our other computer based security training and testing packages.

We’ll keep you posted.