Security Training Essentials – Drill Items

It is important to test xray security screening operations are functioning correctly and that screeners are able to detect threats correctly.

Many organisations have covert tests or red team testing carried out on their screening operation, either from their governing body or internally.

Renful has developed a range of inert replica concealed Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that can be used in security drills such as covert testing and hand search testing.

  • Drill Items are made using CT correct explosives
  • Drill Items are validated by intelligence gathered by our Infogence Terrorism Intelligence Reports.
  • Drill Items are available to rent which enables you to return them after you have used them and rent a new one.

Please contact us to see our library of over 50 different types of inert IED replicas.

The Underwear Bomb

The underwear bomb used during the attempted bombing of flight 253 on Christmas day, 2009 was innovative in that no component within it was metallic. The terrorist was therefore able to walk through the metal detector completely undetected; completely negating the effectiveness of the x-ray machine.

Our replica concealed IED contains 80g of simulant penta erythritol tetra nitrate (PETN) enclosed in a small see thru plastic bag and placed in a pocket within a pair of underpants.

The underwear I.E.D also comes with a syringe containing simulant acid which was intended, when injected into the PETN, act as a detonator and create an explosion. The PETN simulant used to create this concealed I.E.D is ideal for use in airport security training as it remains inert while providing the exact Visual, Tactile, Colour and Texture characteristics and CT and Z effective number as the original.

Replica Concealed Book IED

In December 2009, the Infogence Report uncovered the use of concealed IEDs in hollowed out books by terrorists in Baghdad. In this instance, terrorists used a poetry book to conceal an IED containing 400-550g of plastic explosive wrapped in nylon.

The explosive device used a wireless initiation system, consisting of a Nokia mobile phone, with a safety amplifying system connected to the earphone socket while the charge’s voltage source came from a 9V battery. Pellets were also glued on pieces of cardboard.  Fortunately attempts made to detonate the charge failed due to a malfunction in the initiation system.

The same technique was later used in November 2010 during the Athens mail bombs. In this instance the concealed IEDs were detected during security x-ray screening at Athens Airport.

Contact us for more information about our Inert, Simulated IED Drill Items.


About Renful Premier Technologies
Renful Premier Technologies is a knowledge based company that specialises in the provision of security training software, security x-ray simulators, employee management software and security consultancy. The company was founded in 1994 by security professionals with the aim of improving the level of training and testing provided to security personnel throughout the world. Since then, we have continuously worked hard to be at the cutting edge of security training technology. By taking on board our customer's feedback, analysing the potential threats from terrorist and criminal groups, and using our understanding of the security industry, we have been able to develop new training products that have greatly improved the level of training provided to security personnel. We now offer: Simfox - Security X-Ray Simulation Software Trefox – Security Xray Theory CBT Pre-M – Employee Testing and Selection Software OpeReady – Operational Readiness Management System (ORMS) Inert, Simulant Explosives, Drugs and Weapons Kits Replica IEDs for Covert Testing & Training Security Seminars & Consultancy AvsecSchool – Online Security CBT Infogence – Monthly Terrorism Intelligence Reports Renful currently operates in over 40 countries providing products and services to airports, cargo / mail, prisons, police, secure hospitals, government buildings and other secure establishments. For more information about any of our products, please take a look at our blog here, visit our website, email us on or call us on 44 (0) 208 457 9111

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